Medieval Archer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Archer’s Costume

Archer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Shirt Dress Wear your preferred shirt dress or long blouse.
2 Thick Belt Style it with a thick belt.
3 Arm Guard You can also match the belt with arm guards with similar detail.
4 Leggings Then get your pair of leggings.
5 Boots For your footwear, wear your boots with the costume.
6 Cloak Add this hooded cloak as one of your finishing touches.
7 Bow and Arrow The finally, carry a toy bow and arrow.

For your archer costume, you can easily elevate your bow and arrow with pieces you can find from your wardrobe. Start off with a shirt dress and wear it with dark leggings. Get you choice of boots and add a dark thick belt for accent. You can also make sure to look extra medieval with a pair of arm guards. Complete the costume by topping everything off with a hooded cloak.

About Archer

An archer is a person engaged in the sport of Archery. In ancient history, archery was a means to hunt or combat. In the modern times, it is practiced as a sport and/or a hobby. It involves using a bow to pull an arrow and haul it over a target.