Firefighter Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2020

How to Make Firefighter’s Costume

These are the pieces you can get to rock that firefighter costume:

Firefighter Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Jacket Wear this red windbreaker.
2 Black Tape Use this black non-residue tape to highlight the collar or button parts of the top.
3 Yellow Tape Yellow accents are the signature details on the costume so be sure to add yellow stripes to the outfit, too.
4 Red Pants Add similar black and red accents to the pants
5 Sticker Paper Add paper or any big chunk of paper on the knee area to add a knee guard space on the pants.
6 Hard Hat Top the outfit with this red hard hat.
7 Black Shoes Finish the look with a pair of black shoes.
8 costume set You can also get this fireman costume.

This all-red firefighter costume will surely stand out on your next costume party! You can recreate it by getting a red windbreaker or plain nylon jacket. You can pair it with red pants. Add black and yellow tape details to copy the accents on the firefighter costume. The top the look with a firefighter hat and black shoes!

About Firefighter

Firefighter are professionals who deal with putting out fires. They are trained to extinguish hazardous fire. Firefighters are also rescuers who respond to emergencies, which many sometimes include difficult times not involving fire such as earthquake rescue, flood relief, and more.