Gnome Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Gnome’s Costume

Follow these easy steps to cop the gnome costume.

Gnome Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Long-sleeved shirt Cop a solid-colored long sleeved top.
2 Black pants Match the top with baggy pants.
3 Boots Depending on the pant color, wear a pair of winter boots.
4 Beard Wear full white beard.
5 Red Cap Finish the look with an red dunce hat
6 Brown leather belt to hold your pants
7 Wooden stick As ran old person, you’ll need this wood stick prop
8 Kids Costume Custom handmade costume for little kids

The regular garden gnome look similar to the elves in popular culture. To dress like a gnome, cop a solid-colored long-sleeved top, dark pants, and boots. To complete the look, make sure to wear a full white beard and an elf hat.

About Gnomes

Gnomes are small humanoid species that are believed to live underground. They became subject of many age-old literature as spirits who live in the earth. It came from the Latin word gnomus, which means earth-dweller.

It has appeared in many forms of literature and films and is often depicted as small human-like creatures (comparably similar to how elfs are characterized). Garden gnomes become popular after World War II and assumed the figure of the dwarves from Snow White.