Goth Cheerleader Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Goth Cheerleader Costume

Goth Cheerleader Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Full Set You can start with this cool cheer set.
2 Black Sleeves For your DIY costume, wear a cropped black sleeve top.
3 Cheer Top Then, add this cheer top, too.
4 Skirt Be sure to wear a black pleated skirt.
5 Socks Keep the look gothic with these socks.
6 Sneaker Heels For the shoes, wear this pair.
7 Wig Then, wear a wig in your desired style, ideally a pig tail.
8 Eyeshadow Keep the face edgy with dark eyeshadow.
9 Eyeliner Add a thick layer of eyeliner, too.
10 Lipstick Complete the make-up with a dark lip.
11 Pom Poms Carry a pair of silver and black pom poms.

The Goth Cheerleader wears the usual cheer garb of a shirt, skirt, long socks, and shoes. Just be sure to get a white-and-black palette for the whole outfit. You can also wear a wig in gray tones and wear it with a pigtail, too. Make sure to nail the gothic look with dark make-up.

About Goth Cheerleader

A Goth Cheerleader is a cheerleader that is dressed similar to the goth subculture. The said subculture is known for having a dark casual aesthetic (almost similar to emo). The look can feature tattoos and dark outfits and make-up.