Hooded Huntress Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Hooded Huntress’s Costume

Like what you see and want to create the look? Checkout our list down below!

Hooded Hunteress Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Medieval Shirt Get a medieval styled shirt with earthy colors like green or brown.
2 Leggings Pair black leggings with the shirt.
3 Corset Belt Put on a corset belt with a color that compliment the shirt.
4 Black Hooded Cape Cover everything with a short, black hooded robe.
5 Leather Armbands Put on leather bands on your both arms.
6 Leather Boots Look for leather boots to wear. Dark color is preferred.
7 Leather Necklace Look for a necklace made of leather to wear.
8 Bow and Arrow Prop Equip yourself with a bow and arrow prop.
9 Long Braided Dark Wig Get a long dark wig with braided to wear.

Representing the hunter, Hooded Huntress’ clothes have to be practical and flexible, yet still speaks of her divine status.

She wears a medieval styled shirt topped with a corset belt, black leggings, a short hooded robe, leather arm guards, leather boots, and a necklace. She should also equips a bow and arrow as props.

About Hooded Huntress

Hooded Huntress is a fairy tale character from medieval time. Although the title has also been used to refer Artemis, & other comic characters.