Ghostly Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Ghosts are an age-old idea that may or may not be true. There really isn’t any way to provide concrete evidence that the spirit of the undead can come back in some form. But that doesn’t mean that the living cannot speculate about them.

As a ghost, you can dress up any which way you like. As long as you look pearly white and bit haunted, that is. For this article, let’s spice things up by tackling Victorian ghosts. Some of the things you will need is a white medieval dress, a white top hat, a white wig. Here’s everything you need to look Ghostly.

How to Make Ghostly - Female Costume

Female Ghost Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Medieval Dress Fit in with the olden times with this simple white medieval-styled dress.
2 White Tights Make your legs look ultra-white with this pair of tights.
3 White Shoes Stick to the white theme with this pair of white Victorian shoes.
4 White Gothic Hat Accessorize with a white Gothic hat.
5 Long White Wig Keep your hair colored wite with this wig.
6 White Body Paint Make sure your skin is white with body paint.
7 Ghostly Girls Costume Set Transform your little girl into a ghost with this costume set.
8 Women Costume Set Look positively eerie with this costume set.

How to Make Ghostly - Male Costume

Male Ghost Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Medieval Formal Tailcoat Set Dashing and dapper while dead is what you’ll be with this white formal tailcoat.
2 White Pants Match your awesome tailcoat with this smart-looking pair of white pants.
3 White Oxfords Put a white twist to the classic pair of Oxfords.
4 White Wig Remember to keep your hair white.
5 White Top Hat Accessorize with this amazing white top hat.
6 White Body Paint Change your skin’s color with white body paint.
7 Men Costume Set No need to DIY if you have this costume set.

About Ghostly

Ghosts are the general term used for the spirit of a dead person/animal that appears to be living. It has many other names and kinds as well. For example, a poltergeist is a ghost that can move objects invisibly while a revenant is a more vengeful ghost intent on haunting the living.

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