Ice Cream Man Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make the Ice Cream Man’s Costume

Ice Cream Man Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Button-down Shirt This cute button-down shirt can be worn by girls or boys and it can be worn with your choice bottoms.
2 Bowtie Then, style the shirt with a bowtie.
3 Server Hat Top off the costume with this server hat.
4 Cone Holder For the ice cream cones, you can get this handy ice cream holder.
5 Toy Ice Cream Add novelty ice cream cones on the holder.
6 Ice Cream Set You can also get this set with a stand and toy ice cream cones.
7 Tray Whether you DIY-ed the cone holder or chose the set, place your choice on this tray.
8 Straps Add straps on the handle of the tray so the child can wear it easily.
9 Full Costume You can also order this full set for a one-click costume.

The ice cream man costume is a fun outfit for kids. It is packed with nice colors. It’s also easy to put together. For the clothes, you can have them wear a white-button down shirt, a bowtie, and a server’s cap. For the props, get an ice cream stand and toy ice cream cones. Place it on a tray with straps so the kid can wear it on their shoulder.

About the Ice Cream Man

An Ice Cream Man is a vendor who sells ice cream. They typically carry a tray because they go around a venue to directly sell to customers (instead of customers approaching an ice cream stand or truck). Their outfit may look similar to stadium vendors who sell pop corn, hot dogs, water, and soda.