Plague Doctor Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make a Plague Doctor Costume

Plague Doctor Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Mask, doctor The plague doctor’s mask may seem very creepy, but really it was a way for doctors to be able to filter their air from disease.
2 Tailcoat, black Plague doctors were very covered up and wore as much black as possible to avoid germs and stains.
3 Trousers, black These are very simple trousers that are accurate to the time of plague doctors, and are also black.
4 Gloves, leather, black Thick, leather gloves were to protect the plague doctors hands from germs and disease while tending to their patients.
5 Cloak, black Many doctors also wore hooded cloaks, trying to keep as many layers between them and their plague-suffering patients.
6 Walking stick These doctors also carried around walking sticks if they needed to help pull up or get away from a dying patient that was manic.
7 Hat, flat brim, black The wide brimmed hat of the plague doctor helped indicate to others that they were, indeed, doctors.
8 Boots, leather, black Plague doctors wore thick leather boots on their feet to protect their skin from infection and other foul things on the streets during those times.

The plague doctor costume is a very creepy and chilling costume due to all the death and disease related to it. The mask that is part of the costume is also very abnormal-looking which adds to it horror-effect. Most of the costume is based on 17th century clothing of a normal person, such as a cloak, leather boots, and a tailcoat.

However, the layering of all of these items, as well as other special pieces such as the mask and wide-brimmed hat, make those normal old-fashioned clothes into the plague doctor outfit.

About Plague Doctors

The plague doctor was a costume worn by doctors in the 17th century during an outbreak of the bubonic plague in France and England. Plague doctors were some of the only relief people got during those times, and though many were not completely trained, they still provided some level of comfort to those infected.