Witch Doctor Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Witch doctor’ Costume

This article will dress you as a female witch doctor from Africa. She wears a red corset topped with a long black coat, black tight pants, high heel boots, a top hat, a bone necklace, a bone belt, bead bracelets, and a skull mask.

Also, carry a snake toy and a skeleton staff as props.

Do you want to recreate this Witch doctor’s look? Checkout our item list down below!

Witch Doctor Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Corset Get a red corset to wear.
2 Long Black Coat Top your corset with a long black coat.
3 Black Skinny Pants Match the top with black skinny pants.
4 High Heel Leather Boots Match the outfit with high heel leather boots.
5 Top Hat Put on a black top hat.
6 Voo Doo Braid Wig Recreate the braided hairstyle with a wig.
7 Skull Mask Wear a half-face skull mask.
8 Bone Necklace Find a white bone necklace to wear.
9 Bone Prop Put bone props on a rope and wear it as a belt on your mid waist.
10 Bead Bracelets Select bead bracelets to wear.
11 Toy Snake Wrap a snake toy on your arm.
12 Skeleton Staff Hold a staff as a prop.
13 Full Costume For Women Save your time and get this full witch doctor costume for women.
14 Full Costume For Men Save your time and get this full witch doctor costume for men.

About Witch Doctor

Witch doctor may sound like a very scary thing, but it’s actually a type of healer who cure people from illness that is believed to come from witchcraft or black magic. And they’re not witches themselves. In other term, this word is used to refer a traditional healer in some part of the world.

Like mentioned, witch doctors can be seen in many parts of the world as they are in many culture like Africa, Europe, and India. But the most popularized above all is the African witch doctors, which have been reimagined time and again on TV and Hollywood movies.