Rainbow Unicorn Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

The unicorn is one of the most famous mythical creatures of today. They are always thought to have magical powers and are symbols of gentleness and purity. In modern times, unicorns are also popular symbols of the youth and fun. They are closely associated with rainbows in this regard.

Rainbow unicorns are usually depicted as a pure white horse with a rainbow-hued mane and tail. It’s easy to look like a rainbow unicorn. Just wear a white shirt, a rainbow tutu, and a unicorn horn headband, and you’re good to go! Here’s everything you need to look like a Rainbow Unicorn.

How to Make Rainbow Unicorn Costume

Rainbow Unicorn Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Blouse Wear a plain white blouse to start off your Rainbow Unicorn outfit.
2 Rainbow Tutu Show off all the colors of rainbow with this tutu.
3 Leggings Add a little fun to your outfit with a pair of rainbow unicorn leggings.
4 White Shoes Keep your footwear plain with a pair of white shoes.
5 Headband Don’t forget your horn so wear a rainbow unicorn headband.
6 Costume Kit Have everything you need for your costume with this kit.
7 Kids Onesie Want an easy outfit? Get this rainbow unicorn onesie!
8 Adults Inflatable Costume Look extra with this inflatable costume set.

About Rainbow Unicorn

The idea of the existence of unicorns has been around since the age of antiquity. While they are considered mythical creatures, they are not found in the Ancient Greek mythology. Instead accounts of unicorns can be seen in Greek natural history of the time since most Greek writers believe that unicorns exist in reality.

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