Bookworm Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Bookworm’s Costume

Bookworm Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Striped Pajamas You can start the costume with this striped set. All members of the family can rock the bookworm costume.
2 Antenna Headband Keep the look cute with this headband.
3 Eye Glasses Show your love for reading with these glasses.
4 Large Cardboard Cut a large piece of cardboard and wear as a book sleeve.
5 White Paint Paint the board with a layer of white paint.
6 Colored Paint Be sure to design the book with your choice of colors and words, too.

This bookwork costume can be brought to life by cutting cardboard into the shape of a book sleeve. Then you can paint it according to the book cover of your choice. This costume can be worn by the whole family and you can wear matching striped pajamas, too. Complete the costume by wearing antenna headbands and glasses.

About Bookworm

A Bookworm is a general name of insects that eat their way through paper and books. While it has become a popular name for those insects, these insects are not actually worms. Usually the larvae of beetles, moths, and cockroaches, eat through paper and these larvae may look like mini worms. In recent times, the term is used to refer to bibliophiles or avid readers.