Redneck Couple Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

In this article, we are going to give you guys a duo look, for man and woman to dress as a pair, more fun! A male redneck wears a white sleeveless T-shirt topped with a plaid shirt, jeans, a leather belt, working boots, sunglasses, and a cap.

As for a female redneck, she wears a leopard printed dress, a colorful bra, leggings, hair rollers, ear hoops, and high heels.

As for props, have the man carries a beer bottle and a woman a fake cigarette.

This looks fun and you want to create this costume? Checkout our item list down below!

How to Make Redneck’s Costume

Redneck Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Sleeveless T-shirt Get a white sleeveless T-shirt to wear.
2 Red Plaid Shirt Top the T-shirt with a sleeveless plaid shirt in red color.
3 Baggy Jeans Get a pair of baggy jeans to wear.
4 Leather Belt Fasten your jean with a brown leather belt.
5 Working Boots Put on working boots.
6 Mullet Wig with Headband Recreate funny hairstyle with a mullet wig that comes with a headband.
7 Fake Beard Match the wig with a fake beard.
8 Cap Get a dirty looking cap to wear.
9 Sunglasses Wear dated black sunglasses.
10 Beer Bottle Prop Carry a beer bottle prop.

Female Redneck Costume

Female Redneck Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Leopard Printed Dress Get a dress with leopard print.
2 Pink Bra Wear a pink bra underneath the dress, make sure the straps are shown.
3 Leggings Put on leopard print leggings.
4 Jeweled High Heel Mules Get red big fake jewels decorations to wear.
5 Ear Hoops Get a big pair of ear hoops.
6 Hair Roller Put lots of hair roller in your hair.
7 Cigarette Prop Carry a cigarette prop.
8 Red Lipstick Wear super red lipstick.
9 Neon Nail Polish Paint your nail with colorful paint.

About Redneck

Redneck is a negative term referring to white people in outback America, most likely in the south, who’s seen as uncultured, unsophisticated, xenophobic, and dense. Often these people have tacky fashion style as well. Most of time, the word includes the economic status of the referee, which is poor. The meaning is similar to words like white trash, hillbilly, and cracker. However, these words are considered somewhat racist and insensitive in the modern days context. Still, some people use this word in a funny way to call of people as described.

Image Credit: Pinterest
image credit: Pinterest