Samurai Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Samurai’s Costume

Rock the pieces below to pull off the Samurai costume:

Samurai Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black long sleeves Wear this black top.
2 Chest Plate Top it off with a ches plate.
3 Black Pants Wear black pants to match the top.
4 Black Sash Add a black sash at the waist.
5 Tasset Belt Hand a tasset belt around the waist.
6 Arm and Shin Guard Wear arm and shin guard to complete the armor!
7 Boots The slip on these boots.
8 Black Gloves Wear black gloves, too.
9 Helmet Wear a samurai-style helmet
10 Katana Carry a toy sword.
11 Costume Set Get this samurai costume set for a packaged look.

Samurai costume is a fun way to put your own spin to a “warrior” dress code at a costume party! It can be pulled off with a chest plate and a tasset belt to make the look’s main armor. Cop black long-sleeved shirt and pants under the armor. Then be sure to style the cotume with a sash, an arm and shin guard, a pair of gloves, and black boots. You must also carry a fake katana and wear a helmet, too.

About Samurai

The Samurai were the main military personnel and high-ranking officers of early modern Japan. They are locally called “bushi” which can loosely mean “men who wait upon nobility”. They are often depicted as skilled in swordsmanship.

Aside from being loyal and skilled in military tactics, they are also known for their Sepukku practice, or voluntary disembowelment or suicide, to save face. By 1983, the Emperor Meiji limited the rights of the Samurai to be the only ones allowed to carry weapons in favor of the conscripted army.