Steampunk Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to Make Steampunk Costume

Do you and your buddy want to recreate this look? Checkout our item list down below!

DIY Steampunk Costume for Women

Steampunk Women Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown Corset Get a brown corset top to wear.
2 Steampunk Skirt Pair up the top with a steampunk styled skirt in brown color.
3 Long Sleeved Shrug Wear a long sleeve shrug in black color.
4 Black Finger-less Leather Gloves Find finger-less gloves to wear.
5 Striped Stockings Wear black sheer stockings with vertical stripes.
6 Leather Boots Get black leather boots to wear.
7 Little Top Hat Finish the look with a little top hat.
8 Steampunk Cane Carry a cane as a prop.
9 Full Costume for Women Have no time to gather all items? Get this full Steampunk costume for women.
10 Mask Very cool looking LED mask

DIY Steampunk Costume for Men

Steampunk Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Buttoned Down Shirt Wear a plain white buttoned down shirt.
2 Steampunk Vest Top the shirt with a brown steampunk vest.
3 Striped Pants Pair the top with dark striped pants.
4 Steampunk Utility Belt Fasten the pants with a utility belt.
5 Brown Leather Boots Get brown leather boots to wear.
6 Top Hat with Goggles Wear a top hat with goggles.
7 Shoulder Armor Belt Strap on a shoulder armor belt with steampunk touch to it.
8 Black Sweat Band Wear a black sweat band on one wrist.
9 Steampunk Cane Carry a different cane from a woman as a prop.
10 Full Costume for Men No time to gather all items? Get this full Steampunk costume for men.
11 Watch Optioanl Prop

This article offers two looks for men and women, as a couple look. For a woman, she wears a brown corset, a long sleeved shrug, a steampunk skirt, stockings, a mini top hat, finger-less gloves, and leather boots.

For a man, he wears a white buttoned down shirt, a brown vest, striped pants, a top hat with goggles, a shoulder armor, a sweat band, a tactical belt, and brown leather boots. Both carry s steampunk styled cane.

About Steampunk

We’re going into the future with a touch of the past, Victorian style. Steampunk has been one of the most popular subgenre out there for a long time. The style features the twisted version of the 19th century industrial English fashion (as well as some wild west look in America). Though based on pieces of history, Steampunk often serves as fantasy fulfillment for a lot of people to dress up and enjoy the charm that comes with it.