Super Mom Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Super Mom’s Costume

Super Mom Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Super Mom Shirt Wear this cool shirt to start this costume.
2 Blue Pants Keep the costume blue with this pair of pants.
3 Yellow Belt For your next item, add this yellow belt to the pants for a cool accent.
4 Red Boots Then wear red boots, too.
5 Red Gloves For your gloves, match it with your boots and wear this pair.
6 Red Cape Complete the super hero look with a red cape.

Inspired by the Super Man theme, the Super Mom costume also sports a blue-and-red palette. Start the costume off with a shirt that has a Super Mom logo or print then wear it with blue pants. Style the pants with a yellow belt and a pair of red boots. Match the boots with red gloves and a red cape, too!

About Super Mom

Super Mom is a character inspired by Super Man applied to the amazing mothers out there. The Super Moms around the world are known for doing many things at once, such as working and caring for the family. The costume features the Super logo and follows the color palette of the original Super Man which was heavy on red and blue.