Teela (He Man) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Teela’s Costume from He Man

Teela Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Bodysuit Start the costume with this cool bodysuit.
2 Golden Top And then top it off with this golden bralette.
3 Golden Sticker Cut off the remaining gold details for the top using this sticker sheets and stick them on the bodysuit.
4 Gloves Use this gloves to match the bodysuit.
5 Weapon and Shield Then be sure to carry your choice of weapon and shield.
6 Boots Wear this pair of boots.
7 Orange Wig Rock the redhead costume with this wig, too.
8 Gold Headband Complete the costume with gold headband.

For Teela’s costume, you can start the DIY take with a white bodysuit topped with a golden or metallic cropped top or bra. Then add more details using metallic foil stickers. She also has fingerless gloves and carries a shield and a weapon on each hand. For her shoes, she got a pair of boots. Complete the costume by wearing a wig and a golden headband.

About Teela

Teela is a superhero character in the franchise of Masters of the Universe. She is best known as a warrior-goddess, being the daughter of Man at Arms and the Sorceress of Power. Teela is also the Captain of the Royal Guard in Eternos. She trains and protects Prince Adam of Eternia. Little did she know the He-Man that she helps in battle is also the same Adam that she trains.