The Tired Mom Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Tired Mom’s Costume

Rock the tired mom look with these peices:

Tired Mom Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Shirt Keep the look homey with this shirt.
2 Cardigan Top it off with this grey cardigan.
3 Leggings For your outfit, make sure to wear leggings.
4 Snow Boots This pair of snow boots will look well with the leggings.
5 Tote Bag You may also carry a tote bag.
6 Scrunchy Put your hair up in a messy bun.
7 Starbucks Cup Carry a starbucks cup for this costume.
8 Baby Doll Keep the look close to the original with a doll.
9 Eye Shadow Draw eyebags under the eye with make-up.

The tired mom look is something that all of us can relate too as we typically see tired mothers in many places such as the supermarket, school, or within the neighborhood. You can nail a costume inspired by these hardworking mothers by getting your fave oversized shir and leggings then wear snow boots with them. Complete the costume with a tote bag and toy baby doll! Make it close to reality by drawing dark circles under the eyes, too.

About The Tired Mom

The tired mom costume is inspired by the hardworking moms who work 'round-the-clock to cater to the needs of their young children. They are typically portrayed with a haggard, sleep-deprived look.

Image Credit: workingmother