Johnny Cage (Mortal Kombat) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Johnny Cage Costume

Johnny Cage Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Slim-Fit Pants Johnny oozes appeal and he knows it. The black slim-fit pants just accentuate his attractiveness all the more.
2 White Sneakers Sneakers are still one of the most comfortable footwear there is and Johnny needs to be comfy when fighting.
3 Blue Shin Guards He may be a good, tough fighter but Johnny knows the shin guards are still a great accessory slash form of protection.
4 Black Sports Sunglasses He’s cocky but he has that superstar potential and Johnny shows this by wearing a trendy pair of black sporty sunglasses.
5 White Bandage Rolls As a fighter, Johnny gets a lot of injuries but that doesn’t stop him from winning. All he needs to do is bandage himself up and he’s good to go.
6 Craft Foam Sheet To recreate Johnny’s unique belt emblem, use a craft foam sheet. Cut a rectangular shape and form the letters C, A, G, E. Paste the letters on the rectangle.
7 Metallic Gold Paint Paint the foam sheet you created with this metallic gold paint to finish Johnny’s emblem.
8 Black Sharpie Look for the font used for Johnny’s name tattoo and print it out to make a stencil. Next is to trace it on your chest with a black sharpie to finish off your Johnny Cage costume.

Johnny may have been a struggling action star in the beginning, but the world soon knew that he is no fake. He may be an airhead and at times materialistic, but Johnny Cage has proven his worth as one of the Earthrealm’s fiercest warriors.

Like a typical American action superstar, Johnny banks a lot on the way he looks. That’s why he loves showing of his rock hard abs and jawdropping biceps. He also wears a pair of comfortable dark pants and white sneakers, as well as an assortment of bandages that just highlight his toughness. But the most unique accessories of his outfits remain to be his ‘CAGE’ emblem and his name tattoo. Here’s everything you need to look like Johnny Cage.

About Johhny Cage

Johnny Cage has had many actors portraying him throughout the years but he was first brought to life onto our screens by Daniel Pesina during the video games, Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat II.

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