Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Sub Zero costume

Sub Zero Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Muscle Tee A simple black muscle tee is both stern looking and easy to move with so Sub Zero prefers it.
2 Black Jogging Pants Black jogging pants allow Sub Zero to be more agile when he does his missions.
3 Blue Fabric Cut out two thick strips from this blue fabric and sew it on the waistband of your pants. Additionally, cut out a rectangular shape to mimic Sub Zero’s loincloth.
4 Plain Black Sneakers To complete his simple and basic uniform, Sub Zero prefers to wear a pair of plain black sneakers.
5 Arm Guards and Leg Guards Wearing protective gear ensures Sub Zero that he won’t be harmed as much.
6 Black Leather Belt To keep his uniform well put together, Sub Zero wears a black leather belt around his waist.
7 Mask No Sub Zero costume is complete without his mask so make sure to get one.
8 Ice Sword Look more legit by bringing along Sub Zero’s Ice Sword with you.
9 Full Costume If you lack the time to DIY your costume, maybe it’s better to buy this Sub Zero Full Costume Set.

Sub Zero is a name that was used by two men, both who started out the same but ended in very different paths. This article will be focusing more on Kuai Liang. He’s the younger of two brothers and was part of the Lin Kuei clan. From a very young age, he has been trained to become a ruthless assassin that works only for his clan.

Kuai Liang as Sub Zero wears an outfit as cold and icy as his powers. He wears a typical martial arts uniform tinged with blue, arm and leg guards, an icy blue mask, and wields an Ice Sword. Here’s everything you need to look like Sub Zero.

About Sub Zero

Sub-Zero, a character in the “Mortal Kombat” series, is a formidable ninja adept at cryomancy. Originally named Bi-Han, he later became Noob Saibot after his transformation into a wraith. As Sub-Zero, his abilities include manipulating ice and cold, making him a lethal combatant in the iconic fighting game franchise. Throughout the series, his storyline intertwines with other characters and significant events within the intense and thrilling “Mortal Kombat” universe.

Sub Zero is first played by Daniel Pesina during his stint as Bi Han but he was played more by John Turk as Kuai Liang for the succeeding games.

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