Ali G Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ali G’s Costume

Bring out your bling game with these items a-la Ali G:

Ali G Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Yellow Jacket Start off with this yellow jacket with black lines.
2 Yellow Track Pants Pair the jacket with yellow track pants with black lining, too.
3 Red Beanie Wear a red benie.
4 Tinted Glasses Rock his cool outfit with a yellow-tinted pair of sun glasses.
5 Facial Hair Be sure to recreate his facial hair with fake a beard and mustache.
6 Bling Bling Get this set of “iced” blings.
7 Necklace Match the watch and rings with this necklace
8 White Boots Pull off his cool vibe with this pair of boots.
9 Costume Set You may also get this costume set inspired by Ali G.

Ali G imitates Black hip-hop culture and aesthetic. He rocks a yellow jacket and baggy pair of pants with his white boots. He is also known for wearing a beanie. To match his yellow aesthetic, he also wears a pair of yellow sunglasses. Complete this cool costume by wearing “iced-out” accessories such as watches, necklaces, and rings with fake diamonds. Add in fake facial hair to nail the costume completely.

About Ali G

Ali G is character performed by actor Sacha Baron Cohen. His character is believed to be a fictional stereotype referring to a British suburban man (“chav”), who imitates Black hiphop culture. Ali G was said to have been part of the group “Staines Massif”. His character was retired in 2007 but made an appearance in the 88th academy awards in 2016.