Art the Clown (All Hallows' Eve) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Art the Clown’s Costume from All Hallow’s Eve / Terrifier

What is a costume party without a murderous clown? Turn heads with your Art the Clown costume by donning his signature black and white jumpsuit with boots, clown mask with heavy black lips and eye make up, black mini top hat, and finger less gloves. Carry an axe for props, too!

Win your best-in-costume award next by dressing up as Art the Clown. Here is how you can pull it off.

All Hallows Eve Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Art the Clown Costume This special set comes with the jumpsuit with frilled collar, bloody mask, top hat, and fingerless gloves.
2 White Face Paint Cover rest of the face down to nape area to complete his all-white head.
3 Black Shoes Pair the jump suit with black, roomy clown shoes.
4 Toy Axe Add a fake weapon such as an axe for props.
5 Prop Teeth To make your costume more terrifying

About Art the Clown

Art the Clown is the main character from horror film “All Hallows’ Eve,” He is known for having mime-like characteristics with a dark, sadistic underside. Art the Clown is a demonic killer as he wreaks havoc and kills as he pleases everytime he appears (especially during Halloween).

In All Hallow’s Eve, unsuspecting characters Timmy, Tia, and babysitter Sarah discover a random VHS tape in their Halloween candy. The tape contains scenes where Art the Clown abducts and harms his victims in various gruesome ways. Sarah destroys the tape but later found out that Art the Clown has killed both children.