Weird Barbie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Weird Barbie Costume

Weird Barbie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Hot Pink Babydoll Dress Begin your outfit with a flouncy hot pink babydoll dress. You could also add geometric shapes on one side as a design.
2 Hot Pink Leggings Match your dress with a pair of hot pink leggings.
3 Neon Green Snakeskin Gogo Boots Make your outfit pop out more with a pair of neon green snakeskin gogo boots.
4 Short Blonde Wig Get this short blonde wig to mimic Weird Barbie’s avant-garde hairstyle.
5 Face Paint Use face paint to draw on yourself like Weird Barbie’s face has.
6 Costume If you don’t feel like DIY-ing, get this costume set instead.

Weird Barbie is unlike the other Barbies in Barbie Land because of her slightly unkempt and crazy look. She is based off of all the Barbies that kids have played with too hard, like drawing on her face, cutting her hair, posing her in weird flexible positions.

Weird Barbie was once the most beautiful Barbie. She wears a hot pink babydoll dress, hot pink tights, and neon green gogo boots.

About Weird Barbie

Weird Barbie was portrayed by Kate McKinnon. McKinnon is also known for her roles in Ghostbusters, [Bombshell, and Saturday Night Live.

She has also voiced Ms. Fiona Frizzle in The Magic School Bus.

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