Sonny Koufax & Julian McGrath Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Sonny Koufax and Julian McGrath’s Costume from Big Daddy

Big Daddy shows the bond between an adoptive father and son. Sonny, as the literal big daddy, is described to be lazy which also translated to his laidback style. His costume can include a gray shirt under a brown jacket paired with denim jeans and dark shoes. Maeanwhile, Julian wears an orange shirt under a black and red jacekt, denim pants, and a beanie.

This is the best time to do twinning costume with your little one. Shop for the items below.

Big Daddy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

# Item Description
1 Gray T-shirt Get a gray t-shirt with crewneck cut.
2 Brown Jacket Make sure to pair the shirt with a dark brown jacket.
3 Denim Jeans Pair the top with denim jeans.
4 Black Shoes Complete Sonny’s look with a pair of black shoes.


# Item Description
1 Orange Shirt Kids can wear a plain orange shirt.
2 Jacket Cop your kid a red and black jacket!
3 Kiddie Jeans Complete the get-up with denim jeans for kids.
4 Beanie Wear a gray beanie.
5 White Sneakers Let your cool child wear this white shoe.

About Sonny Koufax and Julian McGrath

Sonny Koufax and Julian McGrath are the lead characters in the film Big Daddy released in 1999. It centers with Sonny Koufax, a law graduate but lazy guy who neither has plans nor the drive to earn a living. He lives off on pension he got from a minor accidents and refuses to make something out of his life.

One day, Sonny finds a 5-year old Julian McGrath on his doorstep. He is a boy abandoned by his mother who have died of cancer. Sonny is then forced to change for the better and care for this child until his real father showed up. The film follows the two and their life as new father and son.