Dead Presidents Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

Dead Presidents is not just about the heist that this group of friends were able to do. It is more about what desperation can do for a person. It also highlights the danger that the inability to insert yourself to society can do to veterans of war. Although the gang were criminals in the end, you cannot avoid the fact that they were also victims as well.

It’s easy to look like a part of the Dead Presidents gang. All you need is to wear a black sweater, denim pants, a zip-up jacket, a black beanie, and face paint. Here’s everything you need to look like someone from Dead Presidents.

How to Make Dead Presidents Costume

Dead Presidents Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Sweater Look inconspicuous in a plain black sweater.
2 Zip-Up Jacket Hide most of your body in a zip-up jacket.
3 Denim Loose-Fit Pants Make sure to wear a comfortable pair of denim loose-fit pants.
4 Black Beanie Hide your hair in a black beanie.
5 Black and White Face Paint Hide your identity with black and white face paint.
6 Black Sneakers Run easily with a comfy pair of black sneakers.

About Dead Presidents

The Dead Presidents main cast include Larenz Tate joined by Keith David, Chris Tucker, N’Bushe Wright, Freddy Rodriguez, and Bookeem Woodbine.

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