Happy Death Day Killer Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make a Happy Death Day Killer Costume

Happy Death Day Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Hoodie A plain black hoodie is good if you want to blend with the shadows.
2 Black Pants Create a nondescript look with a pair of black pants.
3 Black Sneakers Wear comfy black sneakers for a quick getaway.
4 Fake Knife Bring a bloody knife to stay in theme.
5 Mask Don’t forget the creepy baby mask.

For most people, their birthdays are the happiest days of their lives. People are generally nicer to you on your special day. For Tree, it’s the worst (and the most humbling).

Who wouldn’t hate their birthday if they got stuck in a time loop where they got killed horrendously over and over again? Now, that’s a nightmare you don’t want to repeat!

Instead of focusing on Tree, who was the unfortunate victim of the time loop, let’s focus on the killer. Happy Death Day’s killer might wear simple clothes like a black hoodie, black pants, and black sneakers but his/her creepy smiling Baby Face mask just elevates her scariness to a whole new level. Here’s everything you need to look like the killer from Happy Death Day.

About Happy Death Day

To avoid spoilers, let’s not talk about the killer. Happy Death Day’s lead role is Jessica Rothe.

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