Tank Girl Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

If you want to read about a really weird, socially inappropriate but nevertheless, strong, female lead, you might enjoy Tank Girl. She’s as unabashedly unladylike as one can get. With her lover for getting drunk and being violent, she’s no regular ballerina.

Tank Girl doesn’t have one specific outfit since she loves changing it up, but she does have a preference for crop tops and bras. She also prefers looking like a cross between being a military-loving tomboy and being seductive. Here’s everything you need to look like Tank Girl.

How to Make Tank Girl Costume

Tank Girl Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Shirt Wear a white shirt as the base of your outfit. Don’t forget to paint the bull’s eye on your shirt with acrylic paints
2 Olive Green Vest Look like former military with this olive green vest.
3 Black Tights Keep a bit warm with a pair of black tights.
4 Red Shorts Add a little sexy to your outfit with this pair of red shorts.
5 Black Knee-High Boots Don’t forget to go for black knee-high boots.
6 Airsoft Helmet Protect your head with a helmet.
7 Brown Tactical Gloves Protect your hands with a pair of tactical brown gloves.
8 Black Choker Accessorize with a black choker.
9 Toy Bazooka Look crazy intimidating with a toy bazooka.

About Tank Girl

Tank Girl was portrayed by Lori Petty in the 1995 film adaptation of Tank Girl.

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