Charlie's Costume from The Whale for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Charlie’s Costume from The Whale

The Whale Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Fat Belly Wear a set of fake fat belly to start the costume.
2 Fat Suit You can also wear a fat suit if you prefer.
3 Grey Shirt Get an oversized shirt, too.
4 Shorts Wear a pair of shorts to match the gray shirt.
5 Black Shoes You may get a pair of shoes to complete the outfit.
6 Wheelchair The wheelchair can be an optional prop as well.

Start the costume with a fat suit and then top it off with an oversized shirt and large shorts. Charlie also wears a pair of black shoes and he sits on a wheelchair.

About Charlie from The Whale

Charlie is the main character from the award-winning film The Whale. The film follows Charlie, an obese English instructor who is also a reclusive person. He teaches online with his webcam off to hide his obese appearance. He has a daughter called Ellie who wrote an essay about Moby-Dick which Charlie considers as one of the most honest essays he had read.