Mr. Clean Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2020

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Mr. Clean - Always Looking Spotless

Mr. Clean is one of the most easily recognizable mascots in the world of publicity and just by looking at him it’s not hard to see why. This man is spotless from head to toe. He wears a disctinctive all-white outfit. White crewneck t-shirt tugged neatly inside white tapered pants held in position with a white belt. Even his sneakers are white. You’re not going to find a hair out of place in his presentation…because he has no hair. What he does have is white bushy eyebrows and a golden earring.

Mr. Clean’s All-White Costume for Halloween

Mr Clean Cosplay & Costume Guide
# Item Description
1 White, crew-neck t-shirt Start with a plain white t-shirt with a crew neck. The tighter the better. Tug it in your pants and you’re good to go.
2 White pants To keep that immaculate presentation of your Mr. Clean’s costume, you’ll want to get some white dress pants, preferably tapered. Casual white pants would work as well. Just try to stay away from really skinny jeans for this one.
3 White belt Hold everything tightly in place with a white buckle belt. Given the fact
4 White shoes As far as we’re concerned, Mr. Clean’s outfit is white down to his shoes, in more recent years, however, we’ve seen him get with the times and wear more trendy footwear like white All-Star Converse sneakers. There are no strict rules for this one. A pair of white shoes will work perfectly fine.
5 Clip-on golden ring Keep in mind Mr. Clean is some sort of genie. Genie’s are usually depicted wearing an earring and Mr. Clean follows that tradition without exemption. To save you the trouble of having your ear pierced, just wear one of these golden, clip-on earrings. These are easy to find in the costume shops as part of pirate get ups.
6 White costume eyebrows Mr. Clean has unmistakable white eyebrows. Sure, they’ve been trimmed down recently to catch up with a modern context, but back in the days, he had pointy and bushy eyebrows in order to look more like a genie. Just try out these white bushy eyebrows or apply white body paint on top of yours.
7 Bald cap This one depends on how committed you’re willing to be to your costume. In case you don’t want to shave your head clean (understandably so), you could always get a special effects bald cap and it will just as good.

About Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean is the mascot of a cleaning product of the same name. He was created in 1957 by Harry Barhart and Ernie Allen from the Tatham & Kudner advertising agency. He was originally conceived as a U.S Navy sailor, but then he was redesigned as a muscular, tanned, bald sort of genie. This explains why he wears an earring, magically appears when needed and always has his arms crossed. With the creation of this character Procter and Gamble eventually had its creative team come up with a backstory for their mascot, Mr. Clean.

According to this backstory, Mr. Clean was found playing in the dirt by a couple of hardworking farmers on the steps of their front porch and upon realizing he was the cleanest and shiniest baby they had ever seen, they decided to adopt him. Mr. Clean then grew up to become an expert on cleaning, as he went to college and then set out to an adventure around the world to become the most effective cleaner ever. He compiled all his knowledge in a book called “Encleanopedia” and that’s how Procter and Gamble found its champion of cleaning.


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