How to Make Mulan – Disney Animated Costume

Fa Mulan Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Light Blue Long-Sleeved Top Use a light blue long-sleeved top as the base of your Mulan outfit.
2 Dark Blue Sleeveless Cardigan Use a dark blue sleeveless cardigan as the vest part of Mulan’s outfit.
3 Thick Red Belt Wrap a thick red belt around your waist.
4 Pink Sash Belt Layer your belt by wearing a pink sash belt on top of the red one.
5 Emperor’s Dragon Medallion Wear the emperor’s medallion around your neck.
6 Long White Skirt Finish off your Mulan outfit with a long white skirt.
7 Sword Carry a sword as prop
8 Mushu, plush, costume A stuffed Mushu plushie is a cute accessory to have with you for this costume, as he is with Mulan a lot of the time.
9 Kids’ Costume Set Transform your little girl into Mulan with this costume set.
10 Adult Costume set Out of all od Mulan’s outfits, her classic Chinese dress is one of the prettiest and most iconic.

How to Make Mulan – Live Action Costume

Fa Mulan (2020) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Long-Sleeved Robe with Armor Belt Start off your Mulan outfit with a red-long sleeved robe. Don’t forget to attach an armor belt as well.
2 Loose White Pants Match your robe with a pair of loose white pants so that you can move freely.
3 Brown Knee-High Boots Keep your feet well-protected by wearing a pair of brown knee-high boots.
4 Mulan’s Sword Don’t forget to bring along Mulan’s sword.
5 Mulan Red Kids Costume Set Transform your little girl into Mulan the warrior with this costume set.
6 Costume Set You don’t need to DIY your outfit if you already have this costume set.

Mulan is the strong-willed daughter of an elderly war veteran. When men were asked to go into battle, Mulan disguises herself to take the place of her father. She keeps her identity as a woman as secret so that she can fight for her family and her country.

Mulan’s outfits in the 1998 Disney animated films are all iconic. But one of her most popular ones is her final outfit consisting of a light blue shirt, a dark blue vest, a pink sash, a white skirt, and her dragon medallion.

The 2020 rendition of Mulan’s outfit is fast becoming iconic as well due to its warrior vibes. Here, Mulan is wearing a white tunic, white pants, a red long-sleeved tunic, and a belted armor.

Mulan is a tough and brave warrior-lady whose character is set in the days of old China. Because of this, her style is also very much traditional and classic Chinese. She has several outfits depending on her situation, such as when she is in the army, she wears armor and is dressed as a man.

Mulan Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

Here is a tutorial to Mulan’s makeup, as though she is a tough warrior, she does have some very pretty and simple makeup going on for her.

About Mulan

Mulan is an old Chinese legend that was turned into many stories and movies over the years. Her story is one of great bravery and sacrifice, as her elderly father is called to serve in the Chinese army, she goes in his stead masquerading as a man.

Mulan was voiced by Ming-Na Wen in the 1998 Disney film, Mulan. Ming-Na Wen is also known for her roles in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Street Fighter, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, and The Mandalorian.

Mulan was portrayed by Liu Yifei in the 2020 live-action Disney film, Mulan. Liu Yifei is also known for her roles in The Forbidden Kingdom, Tong que tai, Di san zhong ai qing, and Hanson and the Beast.

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