Mushu (Mulan) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Mushu cartoon

Mushu Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Long Sleeve Shirt Start off your Mushu costume with a plain red long-sleeve shirt.
2 Yellow Self-Adhesive Felt Fabric Use yellow self-adhesive felt to create Mushu’s underbelly detail on your shirt.
3 Red Sweatpants Match your red shirt with an equally red pair of pants.
4 Red Sneakers Keep to the red theme with a pair of red sneakers.
5 Mushu Hat Look like Mushu by wearing this awesome hat.
6 Red Tail Wear a red tail to look more like a Dragon.
7 Red EVA Foam Sheets Use red EVA foam for the back scales and tail end of your outfit.

Mushu is a pint-sized red Chinese dragon that came down to become the guardian of Mulan. He is overconfident, impulsive, and a fast-talker which usually results in him finding himself in comical situations. But what Mushu really wants to see is for Mulan to become the hero she deserves to be.

Mushu might be a small dragon, but he has loyalty in big spades. To look like Mushu, you’ll have to wear a red-long sleeve shirt with yellow fabric in the middle, red pants, red shoes, and a Mushu-inspired hat.

About Mushu

Mushu was voiced by Eddie Murphy. Murphy is also known for her roles in The Nutty Professor, Dreamgirls, Coming to America, and Harlem Nights.

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