Blink 182 Nurse Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

You can look great in this Blink 182 Nurse costume by getting the following items:

Blink 182 Nurse Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Nurse Outfit To start off, be sure to get a classic nurse short costume.
2 Red Bralette Then wear this bright bralette underneath.
3 White Long Socks Get this pair of socks to add a sultry vibe.
4 Red Shoes Wear your socks with red shoes.
5 Butterfly Tattoo Choose a blue butterfly tattoo to put on your arm.
6 Blue Gloves Then get a pair of gloves, too.
7 Blonde wig Keep the look on-point with this dirty blonde wig.
8 Red Lipstick You can top the outfit with red lips.

This iconic nurse on the Blink 182 album cover for Enema of the State is a great costume to pull off in any costume party! You can get a red bralette under your nurse costume. Then get a pair of thigh high socks with red shoes, too. Complete the costume with a butterfly stick-on tattoo on your arm and wear blue gloves on both hands. Get a dirty blonde wig and put on red lipstick, too!

Blink 182 Nurse features in the Blink 182 album called Enema of the State. The image stars adult film actress Janine Lindemulder who wears a nurse uniform. Enema of the State sold over 15 million copies all over the world which made the band one of the most successful rock bands in the millennium.

Image Credit: Weebly