Barbarella (Jane Fonda) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Barbarella’s Costume

Barbarella Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Metallic Bodysuit Check out this bodysuit for your costume.
2 Metallic Top You can also opt for separates instead. Get a silver or metallic top.
3 Shorts Wear a pair of shorts that match your top, too.
4 Harness Then, add a body harness to the costume.
5 Boots Keep the look shiny with these boots.
6 Black Ribbon You can sew or glue black ribbon strips on the shorts and boots like Barbarella’s costume.
7 Wig Complete her look with a blonde wig.
8 Space Outfit For a one-stop shop, you can opt for this full set costume.
9 Toy Carry a cylindrical toy gun if you wish.

Barbarella’s space-inspired suit features an all-metallic look. It can be recreated by wearing a silver bodysuit or a two-piece set with a top and pair of shorts. For the outfit, you can also get a blonde wig and a body harness.

About Barbarella

Barbarella is a sci-fi film featuring Jane Fonda. She is introduced as a space traveler and adventurer from Earth who was sent to space to retrieve Durand Durand. Barbarella crashes when she lands and were terrorized by two children. She was then saved by Mark Hand and her adventure ensues.

“Barbarella” is a science fiction film released in 1968, directed by Roger Vadim. The movie is based on the French comic series of the same name created by Jean-Claude Forest. It stars Jane Fonda in the titular role of Barbarella, a space-traveling adventurer in the distant future.

Set in the 41st century, Barbarella is sent on a mission by the president of Earth to find and retrieve a missing scientist, Durand Durand, whose invention, the Positronic Ray, is crucial for maintaining peace in the galaxy. Barbarella embarks on her journey across various planets, encountering strange and exotic creatures, as well as engaging in a series of daring and often erotic adventures.

The film is known for its psychedelic visuals, campy humor, and its portrayal of Barbarella as a sexually liberated and confident character. It became a cult classic, especially among fans of the science fiction genre, and Jane Fonda’s portrayal of Barbarella became an iconic representation of the era’s free-spirited and adventurous spirit. The film’s influence can still be seen in popular culture today, and it remains a significant part of science fiction cinema history.