Cousin Eddie & Catherine Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Cousin Eddie Costume from National Lampoon’s Vacation

Cousin Eddie Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Fluffy White Bathrobe What’s a nice outfit for going out in the middle of winter? Definitely not a fluffy white bathrobe, but Cousin Eddie doesn’t care.
2 Black Crew Socks No one ever said he was stylish. Cousin Eddie wears calf-high black crew socks.
3 Black Oxfords One peculiar outfit combination to pair with a bathrobe is classic black Oxfords.
4 Winter Hunting Cap Cousin Eddie keeps his head warm and comfy with a winter hunting cap.
5 Leaf Blower Hose It might not have been leaves Cousin Eddie was originally getting rid of, but the thought counts. Use this leaf blower hose as a good alternative.
6 Fake Cigar Bring along a fake cigar as one of your Cousin Eddie props.
7 Beer Can Prop You can also bring along a can of beer since Cousin Eddie likes the drink so much.

How to Make Catherine Costume

Cathrine Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Khaki Trench Coat Start off with a classic and respectable khaki trench coat.
2 Brown Pants Pair this with comfortable brown pants.
3 Brown High Boots Stick to the brown theme with a brown pair of high boots.
4 Striped Winter Scarf Don’t forget your striped winter scarf to look more festive.
5 Artificial Christmas Leaf Use this Christmas leaf as your brooch.
6 Green Striped Pom Beanie Accessorize with a green striped beanie.

You either love him or you hate him. Cousin Eddie might have a really big presence when he’s in the room but that doesn’t necessarily equate to being a good thing. Cousin Eddie’s just too different from normal suburban life that you’ll find yourself cringing from all his awkward moments to hiding behind something from the downright embarrassing ones.

Cousin Eddie’s most memorable outfit was when he was cleaning outside with nothing but his fluffy bathrobe on. Well, he pairs it with a comfy winter hunting hat and a can of beer so he’s fine. Here’s everything you need to look like Cousin Eddie.

Catherine & Cousin Eddie are husband and wife. He’s a bit scatterbrained and you can say she’s been long-suffering. At Christmas time, they were living in an RV since Cousin Eddie lost his job. A series of shenanigans ensue and it’s a good thing Catherine’s super patient.

Catherine & Cousin Eddie are night and day when it comes to what they wear. Cousin Eddie is most known for his white robe, black socks, and Eskimo hat while Catherine is better known for her striped winter scarf, brown khaki coat, and green beanie.

About Cousin Eddie

Cousin Eddie is played by actor Randy Quaid. You might know him as the goofy, country living cousin but Quaid is actually an Academy Award nominee. Quaid is also known for his roles in Independence Day, Brokeback Mountain, and Kingpin.

Catherine was portrayed by Miriam Flynn. Flynn is also known for her roles in Babe, Vegas Vacation, and The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island.

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