Seymour, Audrey & Orin (Little Shop of Horrors) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Audrey II Costume

Audrey 2 Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Long Sleeve Shirt Wear this long-sleeved green shirt to complement your vegetative appearance.
2 Green Gloves Extend the reach of your creepy stalk by sporting on these green gloves.
3 Black Pants Put on this unassuming black pants before donning your main costume.
4 Black Sneakers Match your pants with these black sneakers.
5 Venus Fly Trap Top And Flower Pot Bottom Cloth yourself with this special Venus Fly Trap top and flower pot bottom and sinisterly become Audrey 2.
6 Answer Paddle Decorate and color as necessary this answer paddle, and write “FEED ME”.

How to Make Seymour Krelborn Costume

Seymour Krelborn Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Long Sleeve Button Down Shirt Start off your meek and intellectual attire with this long-sleeved white button down shirt.
2 Khaki Casual Pants Partner your top with this casual khaki pants.
3 Black Oxford Shoes Continue with the mild and laid-back look by picking these formal black Oxford shoes.
4 Brown Sweater Vest Underscore your bookish and pleasant nature by putting on this knitted brown sweater vest.
5 Nerd Glasses Finalize your nerdy persona by wearing this reading glasses.

How to Make Audrey Costume

Audrey Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Leopard Print Dress Choose this short leopard print cocktail dress that is similar to one of Audrey’s signature attires.
2 leopard pumps Match your leopard apparel with these printed pumps.
3 Extra Large Round Earrings Help catch the eyes of your love interest by wearing these extra-large round earrings.
4 Blonde Bob Wig Get the Audrey bleached-blonde look by picking this blonde bob wig.

How to Make Orin Scrivello Costume

Orin Scrivello Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Short Sleeve Chef Coat Capture the dentist image by first wearing this short-sleeved white chef coat before donning your biker outfit.
2 Black Leather Pants Choose this black leather pants to start-off your macho aura.
3 Black Motorcycle Boots Plod along confidently with these black motorcycle boots.
4 Black Leather Jacket Put this black leather jacket over your white coat and exude a dentist-biker feel.
5 Black Gauntlet Gloves Go for this black gauntlet gloves that are fitted for both biking and drilling cavities.
6 Dental Mirror Wield this dental mirror for any surprise or unexpected need.

Little Shop of Horrors is an American horror comedy musical film adapted from a Broadway musical and released by Warner Bros. in 1986. It features a floral shop worker who discovers a self-aware and intelligent carnivorous plant that feeds on human blood but amazingly brings much business to the previously struggling shop.

Little Shop of Horrors main personalities include the floral shop worker, his pretty love interest colleague, her biker boyfriend, and the rapidly growing carnivorous plant. The characters wear a long-sleeved button down shirt, casual khaki pants, black oxford shoes, a brown sweater vest, and nerd glasses for Seymour; a leopard print short dress, brown pumps, and large round earrings for Audrey; a white chef coat, black leather pants, black rider boots, a black leather jacket, and black gauntlets for Orin; and a green long-sleeved shirt, black pants, green gloves, black sneakers, a Venus Fly Trap top, and a flower pot bottom for Audrey 2.

About Little Shop of Horrors

Seymour Krelborn was portrayed by Rick Moranis. Moranis is also known for his roles in Ghostbusters, Little Giants, Spaceballs, and Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

Audrey was portrayed by Ellen Greene. Greene is also known for her roles in One Fine Day, The Cooler, Leon: The Professional, and Pushing Daisies.

Orin Scrivello was portrayed by Steve Martin. Martin is also known for his roles in Roxanne, The Pink Panther, Father of the Bride, and Cheaper by the Dozen.

Audrey II was voiced by Levi Stubbs. Stubbs is also known for his roles in Captain N: The Game Master, The Fall Guy, Webster, and New York Undercover.

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