Barley Lightfoot's (Onward) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Barley Lightfoot’s Costume from Onward

Barley Lightfoot Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Body Paint Apply a layer of blue paint on the exposed skin.
2 Black Shirt Then get a black shirt.
3 Vest You can also get your choice of denim vest.
4 Patch Add patches as you see fit.
5 Spike Bracelet Wear this cool bracelet, too.
6 Arm Guard Wear an arm guard on your other arm.
7 Cargo Shorts Pair the top with these practical shorts.
8 Sneakers Wear a pair of sneakers for another casual touch, too!
9 Ears Get a pair of elf ears to rock his cosplay.
10 Blue Hair Chalk Match the skin color with this hair chalk.
11 Hat Complete his costume with this hat as well!

To rock Barley Lightfoot’s elf look with a blue body paint, elf ears, and blue hair. For his clothes, you can start with a black shirt topped with a denim vest and cargo pants. Barley also has a pair of sneakers. Complete his look with a spiked bracelets or arm guards.

About Barley Lightfoot

Barley Lightfoot is a character from the animated film Onward. He is a burly, loud 19-year-old tall elf who loves magic and indulges in fantasy roles. He’s a free spirit who’s a little more interested in the past than the present. He’ll fight to protect historical landmarks. He is Ian’s older brother and mentor.