Mr. Wilden Lightfoot (Onward) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Wilden Lightfoot’s Costume from Onward

Mr Lightfoot Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Balaclava Mask Get this mask to cover the head.
2 Sunglasses Wear a pair of red frame sunnies.
3 Grey Hoodie Then, match the mask with a hoodie.
4 Navy Blue Vest You can add a layer of the vest on the hoodie.
5 Khaki Pants Add light-colored pants to the outfit.
6 Olive Cap You can add this cap to top off the costume.
7 Blue and Red Bangles These bracelets add more color to the long-sleeved top.
8 Purple Socks Get a pair of purple socks, too.
9 Brown Gloves Keep warm with these brown gloves.
19 Brown Shoes Complete the costume with a pair or brown shoes.

Mr. Lightfoot was famous as a pair of limbs, but when he did have a more solid body form, he was dressed warmly. He has his whole face covered and he wore a sweater and a vest. He also got a pair of khaki pants, purple socks, and shoes. To complete his costume, Mr Lightfoot has a pair of gloves and sunglasses, too.

About Wilden Lightfoot

Wilden Lightfoot aka Wilden Lightfoot is a character from the animated film,Onward. He is the father of Ian and Barley. At one point in the story, he died. However, he had a staff and a spell he told to his children so they can resurrect him when his son turned 16. His sickness was unknown and he fought hard to be alive to see his sons grow up. He then appears as a pair of unfinished legs when he resurrected.