McCree (Overwatch) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make McCree’s Costume from Overwatch

To cop McCree’s costume, look for a gold-toned or shiny armor for the chest then top it with a red poncho. Then wear brown pants and style it with a belt with a golden bar (BAMF), a belt of bullets, and gun holsters on each leg. Wear brown boots. He has metallic gloves and arm guard and topped his look with a cowboy hat. Carry a metallic gun as prop.

Here are items you can get to nail McCree’s costume,

Mccree Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Brown Long Sleeved Shirt Start with this brown long-sleeved shirt,
2 Golden Armour Then cop this gol-toned armor.
3 Arm Guard Wear metallic arm guards.
4 Metallic Gloves Match the arm guard with metallic gloves.
5 Red Cloak Drape a red cloak or poncho.
6 Brown BAMF belt Get this belt with a gold bar at the center.
7 Bullet Belt Add this layer of bullet belt.
8 Cowboy Pants Wear brown Western-style pants.
9 Gun Holster Style the pants with holsters on the leg.
10 Boots Wear this pair of boots.
11 Toy Gun Carry a toy gun.
12 Cowboy hat Top the look with this hat.
13 Toy Cigar Carry this toy cigar, too.

About McCree

McCree is a character in the video game Overwatch. It is a team-based game where players are assigned in teams of six where they defent their portion in the territory or secure safe passage of their payload within a specified amount of time.

One of the heroes (playable characters) is McCree. He is known for carrying his Peacekeeper revolver and has great precision. He is also skilled in the combat roll, which lets him roll off ledges and surfaces smoothly. Aother ability of his is the flashbang which can affect is enemies with up to 10 meters distance.