Janet Snakehole Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Janet Snakehole Costume

Janet Snakehole Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Plain Black Dress Janet looks absolutely stunning in a plain vintage black dress that accentuates her curves and gives her a soft, dramatic look.
2 Plain Black Stiletto Heels A pair of black stiletto heels shows off Janet’s simple elegance perfectly.
3 Black Headpiece with Veil Janet’s black headpiece makes her look like the wealthy widow she portrays to be because of the black veil detail going on with it.
4 Layered Pearl Necklace What’s a rich widow without expensive jewelry? Janet wears hers in layers of pearls around her neck.
5 Pearl Bracelet A classic pearl necklace needs to be paired with an equally classic pearl bracelet.
6 Fake Flapper Cigarette Janet’s rich persona loves bringing her cigarette holder wherever she goes.

Janet Snakehole is a very wealthy widow with a terrible secret. She’s the daughter of the owners of the Snakehole lounge and her personality is very aristocratic. But in real life, she’s just the intern in the Parks and Recreation Department, April Ludgate.

April first used her Janet Snakehole alter ego as a ruse to get free stuff from the establishment and has since used it to roleplay with her husband, Andy.

Janet is very classy and looks timelessly Gothic in an all-black ensemble which includes a vintage black dress, a black veiled headpiece, black stilettos, and a black flapper cigarette. Here’s everything you need to look like Janet Snakehole.

About Janet Snakehole

Janet Snakehole is actually April Ludgate who is played by Aubrey Plaza and she is currently playing the role of Lenny Busker in the series Legion.

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