Ron Swanson Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Ron Swanson Costume

Ron Swanson Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Polo shirt dark color, collared
2 Slacks beige or black
3 Shoes black oxfords
4 Watch brown leather strap and white dial
5 Belt plain black leather
6 Fake Mustache Ron’s own majestic mustache

The notable Ron Swanson from the very popular TV show, Parks and Recreation, is a great choice of costume for your next cosplay or dress-up event.

He is emotionless to the point where he claims to have only cried twice in his life, once was when he was hit by a bus as a child. His regular outfits also embody his masculine no-nonsense personality as well.

You’ll see him mostly in slacks and a smart polo shirt. Most men will already have all they need for this costume, but here is a more detailed list of what you will need.

Make sure to keep a deadpan look on your face to truly channel your inner Ron Swanson. This costume is sure get you lots of laughs and appreciative glances throughout whatever event you attend.

About Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation

Ron is one of the most loved and well-known character on Parks and Recreation; he was head of the parks and recreation department for a long time on the show. He played the deadpan head of the office for a great amount of the time and appeared in many, many episodes as such before Leslie Knope took over as the head. Later on in the show, he quits his job at the parks and rec department and opens up his own business, the Very Good Building and Development Co.

Ron Swanson is a very deadpan and emotionless character; most of the time he is reactionless and always keeps a bored and vague look on his face, no matter the situation. He plays the part of a manly macho man very well. Ron does everything the stereotypical masculine man does; he does wood-working, is a big meat eater, and thoroughly enjoys whiskey.