Duke Silver Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Duke Silver Costume

Duke Silver Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red Undershirt For a pop of color in his otherwise neutral outfit, Duke chooses to wear a red undershirt.
2 Gray 3-piece Suit Like the crooner he is, Duke graces the stage with a semi-formal greay 3-piece suit without the vest and which he leaves unbuttoned.
3 Crew Socks To keep his toes warm and cozy during his performances, Duke puts on a pair of crew socks.
4 Black Oxfords An awesome looking attire needs an awesome pair of classic black Oxfords to go with it.
5 Black Fedora Duke wears a black fedora atop his head, and prefers his with two red bands encircling it.
6 Gold Saxophone You can’t be Duke Silver without a gold saxophone so take one along!
7 Sunglasses Ron occasionally wears Black sunglasses as his alter ego act.

Duke Silver is the saxophone crooner that middle-aged women (and older) love and adore. He is the lead in the Duke Silver Trio and has recorded multiple albums throughout his career. You can catch him playing regularly at Cozy’s Bar every second Thursday of the month. But, in real life, Duke Silver is actually Ron Swanson, Leslie’s superior in the Parks and Recreation Department.

Duke looks cool, calm, and utterly jazzy in his stage attire. He wears a red shirt underneath a grey 3-piece suit, a black fedora, and a pair of black Oxfords while he holds his precious gold saxophone. Here’s everything you need to look like Duke Silver.

About Duke Silver

Duke Silver is actually Ron Swanson who is played by the talented Nick Offerman. He also played Karl Weathers in the series Fargo.

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