Anne Frank Costume for Cosplay & Halloween 2023

How to make Anne Frank costume

Anne Frank Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Black Sweater In one of Anne’s pictures, she wears a dark sweater. This comfy sweater is a good option and you can wear a fake white peter pan collar to be more exact to detail.
2 Black Skirt Anne looks like she was wearing skirt. This black, pleated skirt is a good option to wear.
3 Sheer Black Tights In the picture, it looks like Anne was wearing sheer tights so this black ones are a good alternative.
4 Black Mary Janes A pair of black Mary Janes will match your outfit perfectly and add an innocent, youthful vibe to it as well.
5 The Diary of a Young Girl You can also bring Anne’s published journal as a prop.
6 Round Locket In the picture, Anne was wearing a round locket around her neck.
7 Watch Not as discernible in the picture, Anne wears a dainty watch on her left wrist.
8 Costume Set If your child needs to dress up as Anne Frank for a school project, this costume set will do just fine. Exchange the Evacuee tag with a yellow star.

Anne Frank was a 15-year-old Jew during the Second World War. She was one of the millions of Jews who died in the concentration camps. What made Anne stand out among others is the diary she left behind which was published posthumously.

In the pages, she recalls all the hardships and experiences she and her family had to experience during these trying times. Anne’s optimistic energy despite her dismal situation still inspires people today.

Anne Frank has very little pictures existing, and only a handful are more publicly accessible. The outfit in this article was taken from a black and white photo of Anne sitting in a table about to write in her notebook. She was wearing a dark sweater with a white peter pan collar.

Other accessories were inspired to look similar to outfits worn during World War II. Here’s everything you need to look like Anne Frank.

About Anne Frank

Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl was published in 1947, and has been translated to over 67 languages worldwide.

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