Bruce Lee Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make a Bruce Lee costume

Bruce Lee Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Game of Death Baby Costume Transform your baby into a legendary martial artist with this adorable yellow jumpsuit.
2 Game of Death Women’s Costume Who said you can’t be Bruce Lee if you’re a woman? Just wear this awesome yellow jumpsuit.
3 Game of Death Costume Bruce Lee’s most popular outfit is a yellow jumpsuit lined with black one the side.
4 Training Nanchucks Real nanchucks can be dangerous if not wielded properly. Training ones are usually safe since they’re made with foam.
5 Black Wig Get Bruce Lee’s hairstyle with this simple, black wig.
6 Kung Fu Shoes If you want to legit make some kung fu moves, it might be a good idea to wear a pair of kung fu shoes.
7 Tiger Claw Costume Want to wear a more subtle Bruce Lee costume? Get his costume from Tiger Claw.
8 Wingchun Costume Another option

Before Jackie Chan took over the world as the master martial artist, Bruce Lee was king. After a short stint working in the US for The Green Hornet, Lee started developing his own style of martial arts called Ju Kune Do.

He was first successful in Hong Kong and was fast becoming a Hollywood A-Lister before his untimely death. Nevertheless, Bruce Lee is still known as a legend internationally.

Bruce Lee has had a few iconic outfits throughout his very short but fruitful career. But his most well-known outfit was the yellow one-piece he wore in Game of Death. He was also armed with a pair of deadly nanchucks. Here’s everything you need to look like Bruce Lee.

About Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee is a martial artist who is most known for his films like The Way of the Dragon (1972) and his unfinished work, Game of Death (1978). Lee died of cerebral edema in 1973, but is still well-known and relevant even today.

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