Mae West Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

Mae West was a huge celebrity back in the early 1900s. She was an actress and a singer who is most known for her light-heartedness, vaudeville performances, and sexual independence. As such, she was the sex symbol of her time.

Mae West’s fashion style is iconic, and there are many outfits you can copy. All you have to keep in mind is: look glam and sexy. For this outfit, why not wear a black floor-length gown, a black lace shawl, black heels, and a pin-up blonde wig? Here’s everything you need to look like Mae West.

How to Make Mae West Costume

Mae West Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Sexy Black Gown Wear this vintage-inspired black gown to get the part started!
2 Black Lace Shawl Keep warm with this black lace shawl.
3 Black Heels Stick to the black motif with a pair of black heels.
4 Blonde Flapper Wig Don on a blonde flapper wig if you need to.
5 Fashion Jewelry Add more glitz and glam to your outfit with fashion jewelry.
6 Mansfield Dress Alternate dress option

About Mae West

Mae West was an American actress popular during the early 1900s. Her career spanned seven decades.

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