Ali Wong (Cobra Baby) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Ali Wong’s Costume from Cobra Baby

Ali Wong’s Cobra Baby cool mom vibes can be recreated with this set below:

Ali Wong Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Striped Dress Wear this sleeveless striped dress.
2 Baby Bump Recreate her pregnant look with this inflatable bump.
3 Red Framed Eye Glasses Add this pair of glasses to the costume, too.
4 Wrist Watch Wear a silver or stainless watch.
5 Black Wig Get this black wig to finish her look.
6 Red Flats Complete the outfit with this pair of red flat shoes.

Ali G’s costume can be recreated by wearing a fake baby bump under a black and white striped dress. To complete her outfit, get a pair of red-rimmed eye glasses and red flat shoes. Ali also has mid-length black hair so be sure to rock a similar-looking wig to pull of her outfit.

About Ali Wong

Ali Wong is an Asian-American comedian and entertainer. Her most popular works include Baby Cobra and Hard knock Wife on Netflix. In 2019, she played a lead role in the film Always be My Maybe with Randall Park. Her current work includes ABC’s show, American Housewife.