Queen Elizabth Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Queen Elizabeth’s Costume

Dress like one of the longest reigning monarchs with these items:

Queen Elizabeth Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Red pea coat Start off with a red pea coat or trench coat-style dress.
2 Floral Dress Wear a floral printed dress under the coat
3 Pantyhose Keep the look authentic and wear a pantyhose as the Queen is rarely seen without one.
4 Black Gloves Add a classy touch with a pair of hand gloves.
5 Black Loafers Wear black loafers, too.
6 Grey Wig Recreate the Queen’s locks with a grey or white short wig.
7 Red Hat Wear a red hat or fascinator.
8 Eye Glass Cop a pair of eye glasses too.
9 Handbag Carry a black handbag to finish the look.
10 Mask Optional

Queen Elizabeth made the coat dress as a formal habit her iconic fashion move. Get a pea coat in solid color and wear it over a floral printed dress. Match the top hat with the dress. To complete the look, wear a pantyhose with a pair of loafer, gloves, and carry a handbag. Cop a greying or white wig, too.

About Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth II was the reigning queen of the United Kingdom and its Commonwealth. She was born in London and is a member of the house of Windsor. She later married Phillip of Greece and grew their family with four children. Some of her notable undertakings include serving at the Auxiliary Territorial Service in the Second World War.

She was one of the most widely-recognized royals in the world and has outlasted most as a reigning one. She kept her life private and rarely gives interviews aside from addressing the audience before an official event. The Queen was also the Supreme Governor of the Church of England.