Mayor of Halloween Town (Nightmare Before Christmas) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to make Mayor of Halloween Town (The Nightmare before Christmas) Costume

Mayor Of Halloween Town Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 White Dress Shirt Wear a white dress shirt as the base of your outfit.
2 Black and White-Striped Pants A black and white-striped pair of pants look simple but uncommon, perfect to make a good first impression.
3 Black Oxfords A classic pair of black Oxfords can never go wrong.
4 Gray Blazer They Mayor also prefers a large gray blazer.
5 Spider Collar Design Wear this spider-themed tie as an alternative to the Mayor’s own spider tie.
6 Orange Ribbon & Hat Don’t forget to wear an orange prize ribbon as well. You can change the writing to say ‘Mayor’ instead.
7 Mask A handmade mask made from felt & foam. You can also use EVA Foam to create a mask for The Mayor’s head. You can even draw both his faces. The foam can also be used to make his incredibly tall top hat.
8 Acrylic Paint Use different shades of paint to make The Mayor’s faces.

We’re all well-acquainted with useless politicians. It’s a running joke that’s been said a million times. The Mayor of Halloween Town is no different. He’s ‘only an elected official’ after all. But he doesn’t have the ideas to actually help his town.

That’s all on Jack. The Mayor is only a spokesperson who fronts the plans. That doesn’t mean he’s completely useless, though. After all, he was the one who organized a search party when Jack went missing.

The Mayor of Halloween Town isn’t tall. His long top hat just makes him look so. He also has a fat round body and a conical head.

The Mayor of Halloween Town wears black and white-striped pants, a gray blazer, and an orange prize ribbon. Here’s everything you need to look like the Mayor of Halloween Town.

About Mayor of Halloween Town

The Mayor of Halloween Town was voiced by Glenn Shadix.

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