Catboy (PJ Masks) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Catboy’s Costume from PJ Masks

Showcase your Catboy charms with these pieces:

Catboy Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue Bodysuit Catboy wears a blue bodysuit.
2 Light Blue tape Decorate the body suit with neon or light blue tape to recreate the feline marks in Catboy’s body.
3 Shades Wear this Catboy-inspired shades and use as mask.
4 blue cape Catboy is a cape wearing superhero
5 Tail & Bracelet Other optional accessories
6 Full costume if you don’t want to DIY

Catboy’s character is a cute boy in cat costume decked in an all-blue ensemble. His costume includes a blue bodysuit with feline marks all over. He also has his signature blue catboy mask to hide his identity. This is a sure head turner for your next costume get-together.

About Catboy

Catboy, also known as Connor, is one of the lead characters in the animated series “PJ Masks.” He is also considered the leader of the mini group as he is the eldest. He possesses cat-like reflexes like speed and has good hearing.

Connor is a good friend of Greg and Amaya. Together with the two, Connor leads a superhero team called PJ Masks. At night, they transform as heroes and saves the day from their enemies like Night Ninja, Romeo, and Luna Girl.