Mysterion Costume from South Park for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Mysterion’s Costume from South Park

Mysterion Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Purple Body Suit Kick off the costume with a purple body suit.
2 Letter Patch You can also add this single patch if you wish.
3 Swim Briefs Wear your swim briefs over the body suit.
4 Belt The costume also has a dark belt.
5 Green Gloves Get a pair of green gloves.
6 Hooded Cape Top off the costume with this purple hood.
7 Mask Be sure to wear an eye mask fit for a super hero.
8 Question Mark Headband You can also wear this headband and paint one of the characters green.
9 Boots Finish the look with these boots.

For Mysterion’s costume, you can style a purple bodysuit with a hood, briefs, and boots. Complete the mysterious look with a mask and a headband with a question mark on it.

About Mysterion

Mysterion is a vigilante alter ego character from South Park. He is the super hero persona of Kenny McCormick. He is a fourth grader who likes to masquerade as vigilante. He is said to derive his powers from Cthulhu. The only remarkable crime he has reported is public disorderly behavior and graffiti, which he was seen reporting to the police.