Gekko (PJ Masks) Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Gekko’s Costume from PJ Masks

Gekko of PJ Masks’ is inspired by reptiles. His costume has an all-green body suit as the base with a reptile scale (resembling a shark fin) on the head as his head piece. To recreate his shield, cop elbow pads and match it with green knee pads. Nail the costume with a green tail and footwear.

These are the items you can get to look like Gekko:

Gekko Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Green Bodysuit Start with a green full body suit.
2 Green Headband Get a green head band.
3 Green Felt Cut a piece of green felt shaped like a shark fin and attach to the headband.
4 Green Elbow pad Cop a pair of green elbow pads.
5 Green Knee pad Match the elbow pad with a knee pad.
6 Green tail Attach a green tail.
7 Green Shoes Finish the look with green footwear.
8 costume set for kids & teens

About Gekko

Gekko is a hero character in the animated series PJ Masks. In his non-hero persona, his name is Greg. His powers include camouflage, super strength, and ability to climb walls and walk on water.

He is the youngest member of the trio but is special in his own way. Greg has a competitive streak but is sometimes shy when speaking his thoughts out loud and has displays of insecurity. But he does his best in saving the day and together with his teammates, he is able to be brave.