Princess Mononoke Costume for Cosplay & Halloween

How to Make Princess Mononoke Costume

Princess Mononoke Costume for Cosplay & Halloween
# Item Description
1 Blue dress This simple and elegant blue dress is a similar style to the one that Princess Mononoke wears.
2 Tank top, white The plain white tank top goes over the dress. You can cut the sides up until under your arm if you want to get the cool layered look like how she has.
3 Fur cape, white This piece of white faux fur should be tied like a cape and should hang down your back in a very wild fashion.
4 Necklace and earrings set This set of earrings and a necklace is just exactly how the Princess’s jewelry looks. They are made of a material that seems like bone and they fit very well with the rest of the costume style.
5 Arm and headband The arm and head bands seen here are part of the Princess’s accessories and further help to give her a very fantastical look.
6 Spear The Princess’s spear is a very cool item to have and is a great piece to give your costume more accuracy.
7 Boots, white, moccasin style These boots fit in with the wild vibes that the rest of the costume gives off. They also match with the other colors and concepts of the costume.
8 Wig, brown bob This wig is exactly the style of Princess Mononoke’s hair and it will help you get her look in a simpler way.
9 Face paint, red She has some red paint markings on her face. With this paint, you can replicate her markings to have a more accurate costume.
10 Mask, red and white This mask can be worn on your face or held as an accessory, but it has a purpose it the movie so it is a good extra item to have with you.
11 Full costume This is an almost complete version of a Princess Mononoke costume for your convenience. It includes a dress, over dress, fur cape, costume weapons, and various band accessories.

The costume of Princess Mononoke is a very fairy and sprite-like costume that is wonderful to cosplay. The whole look has a very mystical and fantastical air about it. It may not be the easiest costume to put together on your own, but the outcome is definitely worth it. You will need several things, but for your convenience there is a pretty much complete outfit included as well as a few accessories like face paint and a wig.

Princess Mononoke Makeup/Hair Look Tutorial

This video will help instruct you on how your makeup should look and how to replicate her facial markings with the red paint.

About Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke is a late 90s anime style film that features Princess Mononoke as the main character. The movie is based around a lot of old Japanese historical fantasy elements and is animated in a very capturing and beautiful way. It is part of the many films within the Studio Ghibli franchise and is considered by many as their best film.